Competitions, learning and friends – a.k.a. the Societies Convention 2022

Photo credit: Barnett Photo Studio

Last week my favourite event of the year was back for the first time since the pandemic began! I couldn’t wait to go. Here is this year’s story…

One of the issues with being a photographer is that, although one engages frequently with our clients, it can be a very solitary industry for many; me included.  The Societies annual Convention in London is a key place for us to meet with our peers, and those we aspire to be one day. It’s an eclectic mix of work and social – a perfect environment to learn and have fun too.

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The power of a professional portrait

2021 was such a year of ups and downs. Just when we thought Covid-19 was on its way out it came back to haunt us. Re-opening the business in April was the catalyst for a surge of work for me, as people were so pleased to be out and about again. Not seeing relatives and friends during lockdown has somehow increased the desire for professionally taken portraits of those dear to us and is really showing their worth above mobile phone snaps.

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