Pet Portraits

Lisa gives a professional, friendly and relaxing experience, with no pressure to get that perfect photo first time. Lisa is amazing with pets of any temperament. Highly recommended!

Heather Burrage - September 21

Your pet’s character exposed!

Together, you and your pet will have a great experience, designed around your specifications. Whether you prefer highly stylised imagery, your pet in a natural surrounding or being caught playing mischievously in the studio, your pet’s portrait will capture the essence of the companion you know and love. Up to two pets can be included in the shoot, but I can accommodate up to two extra pets at an additional cost (maximum group total is four). I am more than used to tenacious terriers, reserved cats and even sleeping reptiles! The only pet exception is spiders — sorry, I’m an absolute arachnophobe!

Your pet photography experience

I guide you through each step of your pet’s photoshoot ensuring an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. I have years of experience of working with animals and know how to cope with different temperaments. Don’t worry that they may not sit still or do as you ask, it’s natural for them to be excited. Patience brings out the best in any animal’s behaviour, and it’s my job to ensure both of you have a great time.

Puppy Power!

Before your puppies’ earliest moments become long-forgotten memories, freeze frame their most adorable stage in a fabulous puppy portrait! I offer a studio-based puppy package comprising three sessions over their first 12 months; capturing their cheekiest year! You will receive your favourite image from each session as a digital file or a professional printed 7×5 print, depending on your preference.

Your pet portrait process



Each appointment starts with a consultation, either by person, online or by phone


The booking

Choose a day that allows time for you and your pet to relax.


Your day

Bring along treats or props we’ve previously discussed, relax and have fun!



Send me a photo of where you want your portrait, ready for your viewing session


Your viewing session

A 90-minute session at my studio to view and pick your favourite images



I will notify you when your art is ready for collection, download, or being sent

On the day

I will ensure you’re both relaxed and happy — all you have to do is bring any favourite toys, treats or props we’ve discussed, and have fun. If your pet is in anyway unhappy, I will bring the day to a close and we can rearrange another shoot to better suit their personality.
If you’re bringing more than one pet, please bring enough people to help look after them in a separate part of the studio whilst I’m photographing the other animal.

On the day tips

  • If your animal needs to be groomed, it is best to arrange this for around 14 days before the shoot, otherwise they appear to have a ‘just cut’ look to their coat which can seem unnatural in images.
  • Feel free to give your dog a bath the day before their shoot to ensure a glossy coat!
  • Please bring along a brush if your pet has a long coat.
  • Please provide any favourite toys, treats and comforters your pet may like around them.
  • I always suggest giving your dog a good walk before their shoot ensuring, if possible,
    they have fully toileted. And don’t worry accidents do happen; I am more than used to this particular aspect of our furry friends!
  • I provide towels to dry fur if it is wet, as well as animal wipes.
  • If you are bringing more than one dog, please bring along another person to help look after one dog, whilst I photograph the other.