Equine Portraits

Lisa has provided us with lifelong memories of our children with their first ponies. The children loved every minute of the shoot. The ponies were relaxed in Lisa's presence and she gave us all the time we needed. It brings a tear to my eye every time I look at the photos, and that is what it is all about. THANK YOU!

Sarah Gowing

Capturing your horse’s spirit

Equine portraits are the perfect way to bring out your horse’s expressive body language and personality. Hung in your home, your portrait will ensure the strong bond between you both is unbroken — whether your horse is in livery or at the bottom of your garden.

I guide you through each step of your equine photography shoot, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable day for you and your horse. As a qualified riding instructor and owner of horses, you are in safe and understanding hands!

Your equine photography experience

Your equine photography session will be tailored towards you and your horse’s needs and up to two horses or ponies can be photographed in the session. Whether you prefer the thought of creating a ridden image, your horse in its natural surroundings or simply being adored in its stable, the portrait will be designed around your ideas. We will work together to ensure your animal does not experience any level of stress or tension.

Patience and love bring out the best in any animal’s behaviour and it’s my job to ensure you both have a fantastic experience. Your equine photography experience will be a wonderful moment to relive and enjoy each time you view the artwork which has encapsulated your horse’s nature.

Your equine photography process



Each appointment starts with a consultation, either by person, online or by phone


The booking

Choose a day which allows time for you and your horse to relax. I recommend at least 2 hours


Your day

Bring along treats or props we’ve previously discussed, relax and have fun!



Send me a photo of where you want your portrait, ready for your viewing session


Your viewing session

A 90-minute session at my studio to view and pick your favourite images



I will notify you when your art is ready for collection, download, or being sent

On the day

You and your horse will have time to relax in the environment of your choosing. I take time to create a calm atmosphere and ensure the comfort and safety of you both at all times. If your horse is unhappy, we can bring the session to a close and rearrange. Safety in our session is essential, so I do ask owners to ensure they have enough responsible people to assist with handling.

On the day tips for your horse

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to groom your horse so it looks fantastic!
  • If you wish to wash your horse, best results are achieved a day before your session
  • If you need to wash your horse on the day, ensure your horse is fully dry. Wet fur does not photograph well.
  • Ensure all tack and headcollars etc are sparkling clean
  • Do pack soap saddle and a sponge for emergency wipe downs
  • Pack plenty of treats but avoid apples — they tend to be a bit slobbery!

On the day tips for you

  • Should you wish to make your day and portrait extra special, I can organise for professional hair and make-up artists to work their magic on you
  • If necessary, ensure your clothes are ironed
  • Keep jewellery to a minimum and avoid highly patterned or brightly coloured clothes
  • Keep props and changes of clothes close to hand
  • Liaise with your helper so they know how they can assist you on the day
  • If necessary, pre-tidy your session area so only items you want to see, are on show!

Riding the weather

On more than one occasion I have been forced to reschedule at the last minute due to terrible weather conditions. However, this situation can be avoided by creating an indoor shoot. If required I provide portable auxiliary lighting and studio backdrop to ensure a fantastic result — even inside a stable or barn.